YouTube CopyStrike Abuse Still Ongoing Despite Lawsuit

YouTube Bullying Stalking Documentation

YouTube CopyStrike artists run wild abusing Google’s video service by filing fraudulent copyright claims. CopyStriking has been a serious problem for many years and still goes unchecked today. Small creators are being wiped out by their larger competition, with appeals denied. Trolls also use YouTube video service to run reputation management black ops. This blog and vlog is documentation of stalking videos that YouTube will not remove. Some videos go back 5 or more years. I’ve flagged the videos that violate multiple policies yet they remain! 😑 Normally such claims…

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Hubcap Joe eBay Troll Killed By Bear Funeral To Be Announced

I Wanna See The Obituary

  Joe DeMarco AKA eBay Hubcap Joe each week pokes eBayisaJoke with a stick by calling him names provoking get-even attacks. Last night he targeted Doc in an attack and that was a mistake. DeMarco gets his ASS handed to him! πŸ˜† Article published on announcing the obituary for Eileen DeMarco. Back about 4-5 years ago. Chuck Fitch (eBayisaJoke) and i were discussing a guest post to the CrazeeNyDriver YouTube channel. This channel was originally used by Joe DeMarco to bash eBay and PayPal. After his eBay sellers account…

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YouTube Playground For eBay Corporate Trolls

CrazeeNyDriver Featured YouTube Troll Wars Channel

eBay Inc alleged corporate trolls continue using YouTube as their playground. Recently Doc observed top rated seller Hubcap Joe adding trolling material to his eBay promo videos and pinned comments. Not advertiser friendly content! πŸ˜† This hate comment was pinned and liked by channel owner crazeenydriver. The 1st reply is a threat: Does anyone know when his return to work date is? I’d like to catch him β€œlacking” en route. Bogus channels are being set up to troll and stalk people eBay and Hubcap Joe do not like. The hate…

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CEO Devin Wenig Name Forged In YouTube Complaint

eBay CEO YouTube Forgery

Someone forged eBay CEO Devin Wenig’s name to this fraudulent trademark infringement complaint on Doc’s YouTube channel! 😑 It’s quite obvious that whoever filed this complaint is a very low IQ person. They also committed a felony forging eBay CEO Devin Wenig’s name. Note evidence record taken last line in complaint screenshot below. Probably contains IP and MAC addresses etc. πŸ˜† Doc shares his thoughts on the felony committed below. Someones arse might wind up in the clink. Then roll over on the head of eBay social media manipulation. eBanged!…

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Hubcap Joe Manipulating Google Removing Content

Anti-eBay Public Service Video Removed From Search by Hubcap Joes

Today Doc presents irrefutable evidence of eBay Hubcap Joes manipulation of Google by de-indexing an eBay-negative video that was submitted and indexed last night. eBay social media director Hubcap Joes attacked a competitor in his Friday eBay Talk video. He accused the seller of “keyword spamming” his eBay inventory. Hubcaps fit many vehicles if the wheel size is correct. So is this really keyword spamming? Joe goes on to say he has reported this seller many times and eBay does nothing. So it appears eBay does not consider it keyword…

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Google YouTube eBay Weebly Social Media War

Google YouTube Bias Search Result Favoring eBay inc

Google has been assisting eBay Inc who is running smear campaigns on outspoken former marketplace sellers. They also bury fraud awareness advice in their index. Favoring corporate money over consumer awareness πŸ™ YouTube is a favorite platform used to harass bully and terrorize outspoken former members. eBay Inc in partner with Google should be investigated for fraudulent actions against former members who out bad business practices. This google search for Docs Quality Cars brought up two eBay Inc cyberbullying videos published by this guy. What’s wrong with warning consumers about…

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Social Media Manipulation Of Weak Minded People

Reputation Management YouTube TOS Violation

Reputation management troll attacks continue to target Doc and another former eBay seller turned critic Charles Fitch AKA eBayisaJoke. But the person we are blogging about today is Keith Detwiler of Marietta Georgia. He is weak minded and easily manipulated by bad people working for eBay Inc. Ordell NJ, eBay seller Joseph DeMarco AKA HubcapJoe is a master at manipulating weak minded people. Shame he does not use his talents to better society. But he is being brainwashed by an eBay Inc internal employee clique that feeds him swag and…

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CrazeeNyDriver eBay YouTube Channel Happenings

Hubcap Joe Targeted Harassment YouTube Channel

A peek at what’s going on behind eBay’s official video public relations CrazeeNyDriver YouTube channel. This channel is alleged to be a front for illegal activity paid by seller favors and company promo material. Joe DeMarco AKA top rated seller HubcapJoes and his gang of hooligans are nothing but a waste of corporate resources. Stalkers use Weebly Inc free websites and various rogue YouTube channels to harass myself and another former eBay member known as eBayisaJoke. DeMarco also own this cyberstalking website hosted in Bulgaria by a Russian web host.…

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