Hubcap Joe eBay Troll Killed By Bear Funeral To Be Announced

I Wanna See The Obituary

  Joe DeMarco AKA eBay Hubcap Joe each week pokes eBayisaJoke with a stick by calling him names provoking get-even attacks. Last night he targeted Doc in an attack and that was a mistake. DeMarco gets his ASS handed to him! 😆 Article published on announcing the obituary for Eileen DeMarco. Back about 4-5 years ago. Chuck Fitch (eBayisaJoke) and i were discussing a guest post to the CrazeeNyDriver YouTube channel. This channel was originally used by Joe DeMarco to bash eBay and PayPal. After his eBay sellers account…

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Social Media Manipulation Of Weak Minded People

Reputation Management YouTube TOS Violation

Reputation management troll attacks continue to target Doc and another former eBay seller turned critic Charles Fitch AKA eBayisaJoke. But the person we are blogging about today is Keith Detwiler of Marietta Georgia. He is weak minded and easily manipulated by bad people working for eBay Inc. Ordell NJ, eBay seller Joseph DeMarco AKA HubcapJoe is a master at manipulating weak minded people. Shame he does not use his talents to better society. But he is being brainwashed by an eBay Inc internal employee clique that feeds him swag and…

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