Video Tour Of Hubcap Joe’s Offshore Bullying Website

Hubcap Joe DeMarco Bully Website

Take this narrated screen video tour of corporate media spinner Hubcap Joe’s offshore Bulgarian bullying website. Hubcap Joe DeMarco of Oradel New Jersey is the most hateful bully in cyberspace. This hate website came along after DeMarco failed to silence an eBay critic and vlogger who went by eBayisaJoke. Doc is also featured on Hubcap Joe’s offshore bullying website. A first amendment rights violation which is also corporate racketeering. YouTube is a favorite tool for corporate insiders to bully and harass their critics and naysayers. And with Google being a…

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eBay INC Top Rated Seller CyberStalking eBay Critics

eBay Top Rated Seller CyberStalking eBay Critics

Is it permissible by eBay Policy for a Top Rated Plus Seller “HubcapJoes” to perform stalking & bullying of critics for his handlers at eBay Inc? HubcapJoes has passed a critics voting records around with his eBay insider connections. If that was not bad enough one of his team members is threatening to harass a critics church body and parishioners. That is a really low blow! This eBay seller operates an offshore cyberstalking website called (be leery of going there unless by proxy server.) It’s hosted by Blue Angel…

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eBay Hubcap Joe Smear Campaign On Outspoken Critics

Attacks On Critics Exposing eBay Corporate Wrongdoings

How eBay Inc is alleged to use willing and able top rated sellers to attack outspoken former sellers critics and naysayers. This top rated eBay seller Hubcap Joe is running a smear campaign using racketeering and mafia style in your face tactics. It is further alleged there an equivalent to trolls and their pals are paid by company promotional material commonly referred to as swag. iPhone, Macbooks, and other expensive material including offshore web servers to attack whistleblowers and naysayers. This provides plausible company deniability as ops of this type…

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