YouTube CopyStrike Abuse Still Ongoing Despite Lawsuit

YouTube Bullying Stalking Documentation

YouTube CopyStrike artists run wild abusing Google’s video service by filing fraudulent copyright claims. CopyStriking has been a serious problem for many years and still goes unchecked today. Small creators are being wiped out by their larger competition, with appeals denied. Trolls also use YouTube video service to run reputation management black ops. This blog and vlog is documentation of stalking videos that YouTube will not remove. Some videos go back 5 or more years. I’ve flagged the videos that violate multiple policies yet they remain! 😡 Normally such claims…

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Reputation Assassination Smear Campaign Continues In 2019

Crazeenydriver Hubcap Joe Reputation Assassination

Here is the guy doing weekly eBay infomercials on YouTube. That guy is alleged be in control of many rogue YouTube channels and has attacked my reputation repeatedly. The operation is running two hate websites, one in Russia. 😡 It is strongly rumored eBay Inc is funding all this hate directed at former eBay sellers and eBay negative bloggers. There is an alleged black budget funding the eBay man’s operation. It’s been done before when eBay wanted this guy to attack Google offering to fund offshore servers, and anything else…

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Corporate CyberStalking Targets Fraud Awareness Website

weebly inc dan veltri corporate cyberstalking websites

In this article we lay out our evidence of cyberstalking between two United States corporations that are doing alleged revenge cyberstalking against this consumer awareness website’s publisher and administrator, Ed Koon. The first corporation is eBay Inc who this website was named after in 2004. The other is Weebly Inc a corporation that offers free server space to build your own website. This website ( was launched in 2004 when used car fraud was running rampant on eBay Motors. in it’s last 11+ years of operation has advised consumers…

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eBay Hubcap Joe Smear Campaign On Outspoken Critics

Attacks On Critics Exposing eBay Corporate Wrongdoings

How eBay Inc is alleged to use willing and able top rated sellers to attack outspoken former sellers critics and naysayers. This top rated eBay seller Hubcap Joe is running a smear campaign using racketeering and mafia style in your face tactics. It is further alleged there an equivalent to trolls and their pals are paid by company promotional material commonly referred to as swag. iPhone, Macbooks, and other expensive material including offshore web servers to attack whistleblowers and naysayers. This provides plausible company deniability as ops of this type…

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