Why Is eBay TRS Hubcap Joe CyberStalking Charles Fitch’s Workplace?

hubcap joe ebay cyberstalking

The question here is why does cyber bully Hubcap Joe an eBay top rated seller cyberstalk Charles Fitch’s employer and harass his union? Who is his liaison at eBay Inc? Making narrated cyberstalking videos directed at Mr. Fitch’s employer and union. His voice clearly identifies him doing the cyberstalking. It’s been said over the last eight years that someone at eBay Inc has a liaison connection within Google / YouTube that prevents videos that clearly violate multiple polices from being removed. Cyberstalking and cyberbulling videos can be flagged and reported…

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Hubcap Joe Taunts Outspoken Former Sellers In His eBay Promo Videos

hubcap joe ebay insider

What is it about ole Hubcap Joe that nearly every week he taunts outspoken former eBay sellers in his eBay talk videos? Who in this fortune 500 corporation is ordering him to cyberstalk critics? Or is he using his insider position at eBay to taunt his enemies while producing eBay talk help videos on YouTube? We need to know who is controlling Hubcap Joe at eBay corporate. When producing seller specific help videos why is he adding criticism aimed at “Fitchie” aka eBayisaJoke blogger and vlogger Charles Fitch? This wreaks…

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Devin Wenig Denies Natick Involvement But Someone Forged His Name

devin wenig

According to Vox former eBay CEO Devin Wenig denied involvement in his companies aggressive cyberstalking attacks on the Natick MA blogger of eCommercebytes and her husband. However he is buddy’s with an eBay top rated seller and influencer Joe DeMarco allegedly running another cyberstalking campaign complete with it’s own black budget funded offshore bullying web server. Somehow i feel Wenig’s pr statement is fluff and puff. He has direct knowledge and involvement in another cyberstalking campaign where trolls forged his name to a YouTube trademark complaint. In court documents, copies…

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Attacks On Critics by Corporate Trolls Manipulating Securities Value

attacks on critics

The below YouTube video created recently and uploaded to an anonymous channel is another example of attacks on critics. Since the U.S. Attorney’s recent eBay top level management and team members arrest for cyberstalking the Natick MA publisher, whoever is creating this hatred has ramped up their attacks. This is criminal cyberstalking and bullying of myself and Charles Fitch of Westland MI AKA eBayisaJoke and Seller Critic. In essence attacks on critics are securities manipulation attacking bloggers who report eBay corp dirty laundry. The SEC should be looking into this…

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Insider Hubcap Joe Spins eBay Executive Arrests Into Positive Light

ebay insider joe demarco

eBay social media influencer Hubcap Joe AKA YouTube Crazeenydriver is another example of what’s wrong with the once wonder-kind of eCommerce. He is also behind another eBay cyberstalking ‘ring’ terrorizing myself and another former seller. I wouldn’t doubt he’s involved in the Natick crimes. In this video Hubcap Joe defends those arrested on Monday. It’s unknown what this cats financial relationship with eBay is. However in the past he has bragged about receiving expensive swag (iPhone notebook computer, apparel etc.) Joe DeMarco is yet another example of how low the…

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Feds Charge eBay Staffers With Targeted Harassment Of Critics

ebay executives arrested

When police began to look into the claims of harassment of the Natick, Massachusetts, couple, US Attorney Andrew Lelling said, the now-former eBay employees then tried to derail the criminal investigation and, at one point, began to compile a list of people to possibly frame for the crimes, Buzzfeed News Reports. Sounds like it’s the eCommerceBytes Steiners? 😎 All six were charged with cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses, and could face up to five years in prison each and individual fines of up to $250,000.  James Baugh, eBay’s…

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Threats Of Bodily Injury Or Death Continue Against Doc

Keith Detwiler Threats

Yesterday self proclaimed eBay spokesperson, Keith Detwiler drove around his neighborhood video recording threats aimed at Doc. As usual he claims I’m a scammer but is butt hurt his hate website’s domain was suspended for making death threats and doxing myself and blogger ebayisajoke. His YouTube channel Biz Hacks is monetized. This means Google advertisers are paying to advertise on his channel. I find it appalling advertisers are running ads on this garbage. Anything for a buck, huh Google? Detwiler is also an eBay seller Indoor_Thrift All of this revolves…

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Hate Mongering Fake News Website Domain Suspended

Fake News Domain Suspended

Chock another one up for the good guys, as another fake news website domain was suspended. You’d think this website was associated with the deep state, but nope, It was connected to eBay Inc. More dirty laundry piling up in San Jose! 🙁 It’s one thing to operate a critic website, but it’s another to put up a website making death threats. That’s just what happened when this guy put up this website slandering two outspoken former eBay sellers. Doc explains whats going on in this narrated screen video. This…

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Doc’s Quality Cars Reputation Smeared By eBay TRS

Car Dealers eBay Feedback Reputation Smeared By Fanboys

Doc’s Quality Cars eBay sellers reputation was smeared by company black budget reputation management trolls getting even for Doc’s website that helped car buyers avoid fraud and seller misrepresentation. Doc began his eBay selling career in 1999 and built a trustworthy powersellers reputation. Doc was also the 1st Tampa Bay area used car dealer to sell motor vehicles on eBay. The greatest majority of his eBay inventory belonged to dealer friends of his. Doc cherry picked only the best used autos to sell at the time. Little did he know…

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Corporate CyberStalking Targets Fraud Awareness Website

weebly inc dan veltri corporate cyberstalking websites

In this article we lay out our evidence of cyberstalking between two United States corporations that are doing alleged revenge cyberstalking against this consumer awareness website’s publisher and administrator, Ed Koon. The first corporation is eBay Inc who this website was named after in 2004. The other is Weebly Inc a corporation that offers free server space to build your own website. This website (ebaymotorssucks.com) was launched in 2004 when used car fraud was running rampant on eBay Motors. ebaymotorssucks.com in it’s last 11+ years of operation has advised consumers…

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