Devin Wenig Denies Natick Involvement But Someone Forged His Name

According to Vox former eBay CEO Devin Wenig denied involvement in his companies aggressive cyberstalking attacks on the Natick MA blogger of eCommercebytes and her husband.

However he is buddy’s with an eBay top rated seller and influencer Joe DeMarco allegedly running another cyberstalking campaign complete with it’s own black budget funded offshore bullying web server.

Somehow i feel Wenig’s pr statement is fluff and puff. He has direct knowledge and involvement in another cyberstalking campaign where trolls forged his name to a YouTube trademark complaint.

In court documents, copies of text messages showed Wenig twice instructing his communications chief, Steve Wymer, to “take her down,” referring to the EcommerceBytes owner and writer Ina Steiner. On Thursday, Wenig told Recode in a statement that those texts “have been wildly misinterpreted and taken completely out of context in some media reports.”

“I was speaking off the cuff to a communications executive about my desire to be more aggressive in our PR effort; never in my wildest dreams would I fathom that, later, someone might associate that communication with the type of activity mentioned in the Massachusetts complaint,” Wenig said in the statement.

ebay ceo devin wenig. Image credit Vox
Former eBay CEO Devin Wenig – Image credit Vox

Wenig’s statement added: “I am genuinely sorry for the couple that had to endure these obscene acts. No one should have to experience that, especially not a journalist. What happened isn’t representative of the company culture I spent 8 years building, or the employees I knew there.”

Activist Investor Carl Icon said a while back, eBay has the worst corporate governance I’ve ever seen. It’s nobody’s fault they mucked up the number one eCommerce website in the world but theirs. 😥

With automobiles alone eBay Motors could have been the most trusted venue in the world to safely and securely trade cars. But eBay Motors is nothing but fond memories to old time car dealers like myself who worked hard to offer the finest Florida retiree trades to the growing community built on trust.

This consumer protection fraud awareness video was produced by Doc 6 years ago. It outlines new seller high-line used car scams that ran rampart for several months and how to search vehicle vin numbers to identify fraudulent car for sale ads on the net

Yep they cyberstalked and cyberbullied me. Accused me of rolling back odometers and selling stolen cars. Called and emailed my pastor trying to ban me from church. Went after my girlfriends family terrorizing them with threats. I’m an honest guy who has been wronged by this company for over 8 long years. The Natick arrests let the cat out of the bag. All of wall street is focusing on eBay and what dirty laundry will float to the surface next. Maybe the new CEO Jamie Iannone will clean this cyber pay toilet up and if so my situation is a good start!

I’m proud for 16 years has saved countless consumers from losing their money to car scams and sleazy sellers. I’m also proud of my webmaster skills fighting off hackers crackers and ddos’rs. I never sold stolen cars or rolled back odometers! There’s an old saying – never get mad get even – and I’m pissed!

All i want is a letter of apology from the eBay CEO on company stationary. And all this garbage your trolls put on YouTube that Google refuses to take down removed.