Insider Hubcap Joe Spins eBay Executive Arrests Into Positive Light

eBay social media influencer Hubcap Joe AKA YouTube Crazeenydriver is another example of what’s wrong with the once wonder-kind of eCommerce. He is also behind another eBay cyberstalking ‘ring’ terrorizing myself and another former seller. I wouldn’t doubt he’s involved in the Natick crimes. In this video Hubcap Joe defends those arrested on Monday.

Published 06/15/20. With everything we’ve learned in the last couple of decades, you’d think they’d know better

It’s unknown what this cats financial relationship with eBay is. However in the past he has bragged about receiving expensive swag (iPhone notebook computer, apparel etc.) Joe DeMarco is yet another example of how low the marketplace has sunk since it’s once glory days.

In this video published yesterday 06/18/20 Joe DeMarco flip-flops and says those who were arrested should serve prison time. Naturally he tries proclaiming his innocence by pointing the finger at Chuck Fitch aka eBayisaJoke aka seller critic. His channel video that is monetized has two links pointing to his offshore Russian cyberstalking website which he uses to bully eBay members. It is rumored that eBay is funding this website from it’s black budget fund.

ebay social media manipulation by hubcap joe aka crazeenydriver

This is securities manipulation by an eBay insider who spins the recent negativity into a positive tone. Feds should take a good look at this Fortune 500 corporations dirty back door dealings.

In the above video Hubcap Joe claims he is against cyberstalking, but is doing it himself. That old saying the pot calling the kettle black comes to mind with this cat. He is exceptionally good at manipulating weak minded people into doing his and eBay’s dirty work! 😡

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying Charles w Fitch Canton Michigan

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