Brothers Joe & Jim DeMarco Shamefully Reenact George Floyd’s Murder

According to and brothers Joe And Jim DeMarco shamefully mocked Minneapolis murder victim George Floyd’s police strangulation. IF this is the same Joe DeMarco who is also an eBay seller and YouTube eBay corporate influencer, this domain has an archive of his social media bullying antics. Was eBay Inc a sponsor of the reenactment?

From Joe and Jim DeMarco are two white brothers who were involved in a reenactment of the death of George Floyd in Franklinville, New Jersey, on Sunday evening, while a peaceful protest marched by, according to Fox 29 Philadelphia. The incident was recorded by many of the protestors, who displayed their shock and disgust at the reenactment.

We know our Joe DeMarco has a brother named Jim, and this sort of activity is right up his alley so to speak. Our Hubcap Joe DeMarco is an Oradell NJ part time businessman and horrific cyber-bully and also an eBay corporate influencer on YouTube. It’s rumored he is running damage control under the table for eBay because they hate Doc and this website that’s archived eBay fraud since 2004.

In this video Joseph DeMarco thanks his teammates for their help cyberstalking critic blogger eBayisaJoke. Joe DeMarco convinced FOX 2 News reporter Rob Wokchek to publish a hit piece aired on his Hall Of Shame segment. It’s suspected eBay Inc stalking attack on their former seller turned critic eBayisaJoke who was bashing eBay on YouTube while promoting Amazon.  We know eBay Inc couldn’t stand that and sent DeMarco and his gang to attack eBayisaJoke blogger. Further info is here.

So as it’s often said, the $64 question is, Is This the same Joe DeMarco that’s mercifully attacked Doc for nearly a decade? Ran the smear campaign for eBay Inc putting blogger eBayisaJoke AKA Seller Critic on the news for selling Amazon niche marketing on YouTube while bashing eBay?