YouTube CopyStrike Abuse Still Ongoing Despite Lawsuit

YouTube CopyStrike artists run wild abusing Google’s video service by filing fraudulent copyright claims. CopyStriking has been a serious problem for many years and still goes unchecked today. Small creators are being wiped out by their larger competition, with appeals denied. Trolls also use YouTube video service to run reputation management black ops.

This blog and vlog is documentation of stalking videos that YouTube will not remove. Some videos go back 5 or more years. I’ve flagged the videos that violate multiple policies yet they remain! 😡

YouTube Bullying Stalking Documentation
YouTube allows trolls to abuse their system terrorizing creators with bullying stalking videos?

Normally such claims are reviewed by YouTube staff. But with the current coronavirus country lock-down situation, Google bots are taking down videos and unfairly striking creators accounts!

From YouTube blog: Our Community Guidelines enforcement today is based on a combination of people and technology: Machine learning helps detect potentially harmful content and then sends it to human reviewers for assessment. As a result of these new measures, we will temporarily start relying more on technology to help with some of the work normally done by reviewers.

“Automated systems will start removing content without human review, so we can act quickly to remove violative content, while we have workplace protections in place. As we do this, users and creators may see increased video removals, including some videos that may not violate policies.

From YouTube has taken a stand against a particularly pernicious copyright troll who was not only abusing the takedown system to remove content but was also using it in an extortion scam. While this gives the weight and resources of a large corporation in a fight that will benefit users, it also serves as a reminder of how flawed part of the DMCA is.

One major abuser of YouTube is Jason Paul DeCanio of Oviedo Florida. He filed a fraudulent copyright complaint and had one of my harmless videos taken down. YouTube bots also gave my channel a strike. An appeal was filed but was denied. “Thank you for your counter notification. Unfortunately, it’s unclear to us whether you have a valid reason for filing a counter notification, so we won’t be able to honor your request.” In other words Google’s AI Bot didn’t see a violation but are programmed to deny the appeal. My copystriked video with no policy violations is on BitChute.

This set off a war on the YouTube abuser. I have a dedicated server and are capable of hosting my own videos. If Google was fair this would not be necessary. But with copystrike pirates terrorizing creators this is the best option. Abusers like this example should be removed ASAP.

Blogger and Vlogger Seller Critic AKA eBayisaJoke created the below video and also blogged this article about YouTube creator abuse and failed appeals. It’s that Google double standard! 😡

Meanwhile Jason’s The Queens New Yorker channel is full of copyright content (photos and text from Wikipedia) but that’s okay with double standard Google Inc the abusers favorite platform!