Video Tour Of Hubcap Joe’s Offshore Bullying Website

Take this narrated screen video tour of corporate media spinner Hubcap Joe’s offshore Bulgarian bullying website. Hubcap Joe DeMarco of Oradel New Jersey is the most hateful bully in cyberspace. This hate website came along after DeMarco failed to silence an eBay critic and vlogger who went by eBayisaJoke. Doc is also featured on Hubcap Joe’s offshore bullying website. A first amendment rights violation which is also corporate racketeering.

YouTube is a favorite tool for corporate insiders to bully and harass their critics and naysayers. And with Google being a far left winger they assist in the bullying and cyberstalking. Hate videos rumored to be created by eBay corporate insiders can not be removed by flagging for policy or privacy violations. There are hundreds of stalking videos keyworded to attack Doc’s former eBay sellers id docsqualitycars. I have flagged the crap out of most of these with no action taken.

Google hates Doc for two reasons. Number one is Doc has ran motor vehicle specific fraud awareness website since 2004. Reason number two is Doc is a strong Donald J. Trump supporter. Google hates President Trump and the Republican Party as a whole!

Here is a screenshot of who-is details when it’s privacy expired a few years ago. Owner is Joe DeMarco of Oradell NJ at his hubcap shop. Is eBay corporate paying for this website used to bully their critics and outspoken former sellers? This guy Shawn Hogan says eBay wanted him to attack Google, and says an exec offered to lease him offshore servers to do the job.