DuckDuckGo Search Engine Redirecting My Articles To eBay

A few days ago when running a site command ( i noticed a problem with duckduckgo. All my page titles were indexed by duckduckgo as pointing to It was revealed only my blog home page was indexed. All my other page titles were redirecting to home page. Is this theft of my content by deception?

duckduckgo theft by deception
How much of eBay shareholders investments is being squandered on this duckduckgo theft of resources campaign?

I’m not a tech genius, other than a hobbyist webmaster, so i have no idea how this is being accomplished. But it’s said duckduckgo gets its content from bing. It appears what i submit to bing, one article posted 2 hours ago, is already indexed in duckduckgo but pointing to It appears eBay is hijacking the duck’s api from bing and replacing the url.

After producing the below narrated screen video documenting duckduckgo and other search engine indexes for I attempted to contact them. I tried tweeting them and sending a Facebook message, but as of yet there is no reply.

So the question is, who is behind this campaign? Is it eBay Inc paying diuckduckgo to index my articles this way? The below url is a video article i submitted to bing yesterday:

Death Threat Website Representing eBay Inc Domain Suspended

What is it about eBay Inc these days. A company that was founded on Trust and Community Values has lost it’s way. Maybe suspending there mom-and-pop sellers in favor of big retailers has done them in. Maybe it’s their quest to take on Amazon that did em in. Regardless this once niche market for used goods plods along trying to find it’s way. My thoughts are, rather that that Trust and Community values that made eBay great, it’s hook-em and crook-em any way we can!

Update 02/15/19: There’s an old saying ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease.’ DuckDuckGo has corrected their indexing of my urls pointing where they belong. Thank Y’all for the correction. 🙂

DuckDuckGo Index
Duckduckgo search index pointing to like it should

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