Hubcap Joe eBay Troll Killed By Bear Funeral To Be Announced


Joe DeMarco AKA eBay Hubcap Joe each week pokes eBayisaJoke with a stick by calling him names provoking get-even attacks. Last night he targeted Doc in an attack and that was a mistake. DeMarco gets his ASS handed to him! 😆

Article published on announcing the obituary for Eileen DeMarco.

Hubcap Joe Mother Eileen DeMarco Obituary
Obituary of Eileen DeMarco posted on eBayisaJoke’s seller critic blog after her son Joe continually attacks Chuck Fitch in his eBay Talk videos.

Back about 4-5 years ago. Chuck Fitch (eBayisaJoke) and i were discussing a guest post to the CrazeeNyDriver YouTube channel. This channel was originally used by Joe DeMarco to bash eBay and PayPal. After his eBay sellers account was exposed crazeenydriver turned pro-ebay and pro-paypal and produced positive pr videos. One week an eBay employee Scott Henshaw did Joe’s Friday night eBay Talk video.

At that time eBayisaJoke and Doc were doing weekly eBay related podcasts. We were discussing that video and Joe’s mom passing. I said, I didn’t believe it, and it must be an eBay pr tactic of some kind. I also said i wanted to see the obituary.

This is a screenshot of the video crazeenydriver linked below his Friday 09.07.18 eBay talk video. Don’t click those insecure links! His website is hosted in Moscow Russia see who-is ownership proof here. It at one time tried to install a keylogger on my browser. OLD Tech Outdated Junk not even running HTTPS Encryption – or HTML5 Video. 😆

Notice the words “I want to see the obituary” and “Doc” in his video cover screenshot below. Our podcast conversation set him off that easily. I would take something like that with a grain of salt, so to speak. He’s a loose cannon that could explode at anytime!

I Wanna See The Obituary
Screen capture of video produced by Hubcap Joe with audio of Doc saying “I wanna see the obituary” on website.

It is rumored that eBay Inc is paying for Hubcap Joe’s offshore website in Moscow Russia with their alleged Black Budget. Former eBay affiliate Scott Hogan explains how eBay wanted him to hack Google. Hogan claims eBay offered to set him up with untraceable offshore servers. He declined and was attacked by eBay. The corruption in this corporation runs deep. Attacking critics is just the tip of the iceberg! 🙁

As mentally unstable as this man is – it’s possible he will be the next workplace shooter. Don’t let his smooth talking fool you – It’s nothing but an act – He’s sick!

CrazeeNyDriver Monetized Hate Video
Screen shot showing Google AdSense monetized YouTube hate video insecure external links in video description.

As far as goes. It’s saved countless used car buyers from loosing their money to scammers and bad eBay sellers. eBay Inc is the core problem. They pay guys like Hubcap Joe to attack outspoken former sellers like myself.

Like I’ve said since 2004 – eBay Motors Sucks – It sucked then and still sucks today!

5 Thoughts to “Hubcap Joe eBay Troll Killed By Bear Funeral To Be Announced”

  1. Doc

    That old Google double standard is alive and well!

  2. Robby Reed

    Joe cannot do his youtube ebay talk job without letting his personal vendetta get involved.

    Wonder why ebay has not deleted this channel yet? All those fake shill comments he reads out on the next week’s show. The whole channel is an embarrassment.

    1. Doc

      I see CrazeeNyDriver eBay talk video last night had more abusive content. He is an embarrassment to eBay but they’re afraid of what he will do if they suspend his account. eBay just get it over with and deal with the pain later! 😆 😎 😆

  3. Doc

    Looks like ole Hubcap Joe (crazeenydriver) deleted my comment. The other comment was there before i added mine. Just forgot to click to see it.

    Sure looks like a shill YouTube posting account to me. Tick Toc.. 😆

    crazeenydriver deleted youtube comment

  4. Doc

    Comment on CrazeeNyDriver eBay Talk – Proof eBay Promoted Listings Work.

    Proof eBay Promoted Listings Work

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