Google YouTube eBay Weebly Social Media War

Google has been assisting eBay Inc who is running smear campaigns on outspoken former marketplace sellers. They also bury fraud awareness advice in their index. Favoring corporate money over consumer awareness 🙁

YouTube is a favorite platform used to harass bully and terrorize outspoken former members. eBay Inc in partner with Google should be investigated for fraudulent actions against former members who out bad business practices.

This google search for Docs Quality Cars brought up two eBay Inc cyberbullying videos published by this guy. What’s wrong with warning consumers about fraud? Doc has been doing just that since 2004 and his good reputation has been smeared!

The Nasty Old Florida Man channel has been flagged repeatedly for bullying and harassment which is against YouTube policy. Regardless, YouTube will not remove this abusive channel. It is rumored that these accounts (there are many more) are labeled do not remove by Google.

Google Search Algorythim
1st page search result for this website, docs quality cars. Google favors two eBay inc cyberbully videos.

Google policy on Harassment and Cyberbullying: We want you to use YouTube without fear of being subjected to malicious harassment. In cases where harassment crosses the line into a malicious attack it can be reported and will be removed.

How is it these two corporations can get away with violating 1st Amendment right to free speech. And freedom of the press? They collude with each other manipulating search results. Google favors YouTube accounts set up by reputation management trolls. But Doc who has saved countless consumers from car scams is thrown under the bus!

eBay and Google are attacking my 1st Amendment right to free speech – and freedom of the press by hiding content!

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion. prohibiting the free exercise of religion. or abridging the freedom of speech. the freedom of the press. the right to peaceably assemble. or to petition for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

When Doc says eBay Motors Sucks – that’s his right under freedom of speech. It’s also his right under freedom of the press to publish this blog. The contents of this blog are truthful. And backed up with screen-captures. Or narrated screen videos. Google censors this site because it’s damaging to eBay Inc stock value. 🙄

Another silicone valley US corporation who deserves a dishonorable mention is Weebly Inc. Weebly specializes in cyberstalking pages. Page allegedly set up by seller hubcapjoes.

Cyberbullying Page by
This cyberstalking page was set up by eBay social media specialist crazeenydriver of Oradell NJ.

Allegations on the Weebly page are untrue. With the exception of it’s Bill Cobb statement. YES i did tell him to F*** Off. 😆 Dealing with eBay and their constant screw-ups will drive a sane person insane. Personally speaking they did me a favor by suspending my account. Quality cars did not even bring dealer wholesale on eBay Motors, at the time.

When i sold cars they were listed at a buy-now price. Never once did i sell a car off the venue. Prospective buyer called and we negotiated the price. Then the listing was revised reflecting the negotiated price. Buyer clicked the buy-now and closed the listing out.

However at that time i signed into my account from a different IP address / computer. eBay thought someone hijacked my account and deleted the listing while the buyer was on the phone waiting on the revision. That was their story anyway.

The only person i told that story to was Joseph DeMarco in an hour long phone conversation in 2013. Joe DeMarco is alleged to be the creator of the above Weebly hate page. As for Trolling – the only troll is Joseph DeMarco and his eBay handlers!

Joe DeMarco performed this smear campaign for eBay Inc. It was war on social media. YouTube accounts were suspended by alleged Lithium Inc social warriors. When the targeted individual didn’t stop, Rob Wolchek of WJBK Fox-2 News Detroit was brought in. Wolchek smeared former eBay seller eBayiasaJoke on his hall of shame TV program.

Video of DeMarco thanking his partners who were involved in the operation.

This is the story of a wronged eBay seller who got back at the eCommerce giant in a creative way using YouTube. eBay Inc couldn’t stand being criticized on YouTube by this former seller, who also promoted Amazon niche marketing. A targeted smear campaign was launched to wipe him off the net.

Joseph DeMarco spread the word that I sold “stolen cars on eBay and rolled back odometers” among his followers. He also stated i was thrown off eBay because i was a scammer. Fortunately my sellers feedback tells the truth.

Joe is a hateful and mean spirited man. He sold his sole to eBay for better search placement and other seller favors. In a way i feel sorry for him. He looks like he has aged 20 years in the 5 I’ve known him. His eBay handlers have him by the short-hairs squeezing like hell. The stress he goes through dealing with his handlers must be severe! 🙄

How did a company founded on trust and community values become such a fraud? Think about it a minute. Pierre Omidyar founded eBay under trust. That principal made a 360 turnaround and is profiting off it’s sellers being defrauded by it’s buyers. Their automotive website for motor vehicle sales and parts / accessories has turned into a pay toilet. It’s nearly impossible to run an auto sales venue without car business knowledge.

The old saying – if you can not see any fraud – there is no fraud – is false! Google is colluding with eBay to bury fraud awareness articles in their search.

Like I’ve always said. It’s all about making a profit that matters most. If you get ripped off on eBay attempting to buy a car or selling an item it’s too bad for you.

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😎

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  1. Jazzy Jason DeCanio

    Yeah so, its a freedom of the press, stop thinking you are the only one
    who can do this, Joe can smash and expose you guys for your shit just as
    much. We are winning and you cannot handle this….Remember Doc you
    are just as guilty as Fitch, DO YOU VALUE FREEDOM? I guess not!

    1. Chuckieboy

      Jason you like to threaten people a lot don’t you. I tell ya, you’re one individual I wouldn’t mind spending a night in jail for. I would love to beat the hell out of you until you cry for mercy. Joey can’t help you either. But don’t worry his business is doooooomed.

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