Gang Stalking Operation Exposed Targeting eBay Seller

This is the story of a wronged eBay seller who got back at the eCommerce giant in a creative way using YouTube. eBay Inc couldn’t stand being criticized on YouTube by this former seller, who also promoted Amazon niche marketing. An alleged gang stalking ops was launched that smeared critic eBayisaJoke worldwide.

Guy Fawkes Mask
Critic eBayisaJoke wears this Guy Fawkes Mask in YouTube videos protesting eBay and PayPal unfair seller policies. Guy Fawkes mask symbolizes protest.

To launch a black ops of this size, eBay needed a willing partner with lots of friends that could covertly help out. eBay Motors seller Hubcap Joe fit the profile and was soon working with the San Jose corporation.

A war soon ensued on YouTube with vlogger eBayisaJoke’s accounts being suspended. But he was not intimidated easily and registered new accounts to do it again and again.

Obviously Joe DeMarco even with the help of his pals and other operatives mass flagging YouTube videos, and vlogger accounts, was not enough to stop his eBay protesting.

DeMarco enlisted the help of FOX 2 News Detroit investigative reporter, Rob Wolchek. Fox News soon produced this hit piece in 2013 that was picked up by other media worldwide further smearing DeMarco’s target person.

A few days later Joe DeMarco AKA eBay HubcapJoes AKA YouTube eBay social media spinner CrazeeNyDriver, produced this video thanking his gang stalking partners for their help. In the end of this video DeMarco says, “he doubts YouTube knows this is going on.” Maybe not, DeMarco’s crazeenydrivernyc channel was recently terminated. That was the channel that hosted his cyberstalking videos.

It’s now December 2017 and DeMarco is desperately trying to get his target Charles Fitch fired from his union job. Nowhere was it proven Mr. Fitch scammed or defrauded anyone. Doc feels this clandestine gang stalking operation is about to blow up in eBay and DeMarco’s face.

Doc was also gang stalked by Joseph DeMarco and smeared on his Offshore cyberstalking website hosted in Moscow Russia. That website which is running on a dedicated server is expensive. It’s rumored eBay Inc is funding the website from it’s black budget slush fund. More on that is here on this article.

When dealing with an adversary such as eBay Inc who could care less about legalities, or the harm done to individuals by their operation. All one can do is keep writing posts such as this hoping the law will investigate.

eBay is a lot like Hillary Clinton. Everyone knows the illegal things she did as sec of state, but the FBI and DOJ look the other way. It’s OK Hillary we’ll CYA!

Oh well.. Just my two cents worth as usual.. 😉

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