eBay Hubcap Joe Smear Campaign On Outspoken Critics

How eBay Inc is alleged to use willing and able top rated sellers to attack outspoken former sellers critics and naysayers. This top rated eBay seller Hubcap Joe is running a smear campaign using racketeering and mafia style in your face tactics.

It is further alleged there an equivalent to trolls and their pals are paid by company promotional material commonly referred to as swag. iPhone, Macbooks, and other expensive material including offshore web servers to attack whistleblowers and naysayers. This provides plausible company deniability as ops of this type are off the books.

Attacks On Critics Exposing eBay Corporate Wrongdoings
eBay seller HubcapJoes attacking critic eBayisaJoke in his weekly CrazeeNyDriver YouTube channel eBay promo video. Mafia style “In Your Face” Attacks on eBay Inc critics

Examples of this form of cyberstalking mafia style terrorism can be found on YouTube videos produced by corporate trolls.

They take advantage of the video hosting sites anonymity and privacy policy to troll outspoken former eBay sellers.

Doc is one of the most vocal eBay critics actively watching what eBay Inc is doing in the business world today.

eBay Motors would have been the only trustworthy internet car selling venue worldwide by now. But company officials literally screwed it’s trust and community values into the ground. Too many consumers got ripped off by overseas scammers and dishonest lying bad car dealers. 😥

Since 2004 while eBay Inc has concentrated on bottom line profits while often ignoring blatant fraud. Doc has been advising and educating consumers how to avoid being ripped off when buying a car on the internet. His consumer fraud awareness website has saved countless numbers of consumers from being conned out of their money, or being defrauded by bad car dealers.

Auction fraud was rampant on the auction website back in the early 2000’s. Trusted eBay buyers were literally being being slaughtered by fraudsters who were hijacking good feedback eBay sellers accounts and listing non existent cars for sale.

Internet radio host Michael Donahue talks about Doc and this website. He also talks about eBay sloppy security and the escapades of Romanian hacker Vladuz. 🙂

eBay Inc cannot stand this website and has allegedly attacked it numerous times. One such attack was in 2011 when unknown to me the FBI was investigating vehicle purchase protection (VPP) brand fraud. Doc has been reporting this type of fraud since 2009. So he was a full 2 years ahead of the FBI whose investigation was just beginning.

It is my belief that eBay didn’t want the FBI to see how long Doc had been documenting vehicle purchase protection fraud (VPP.) Someone ordered a distributed denial of service attack (DDOS) taking this site offline for over a week.

Who else would benefit from this site going down other than scammers and eBay. The FBI would have said why didn’t you warn your community and protect your website! 🙄

Another outspoken former eBay seller was a YouTube’er known as eBayisaJoke. He wore a guy fawkes mask and digitally altered his voice. He promoted Amazon niche marketing while at the same time was bashing eBay and PayPal. 😆

Naturally as much as eBay hates Amazon it’s my opinion they couldn’t allow that to continue. A corporate smear campaign was launched to wipe him off of YouTube. Except he refused to be intimidated and when corporate shills flagged his videos his account was suspended. He just came back and registered another account and re uploaded his videos.

Enter top rated plus seller Joseph DeMarco AKA Hubcap Joe and YouTuber CrazeeNyDriver who hired a young hacker kid to construct a cyberstalking website known as chuckfitchscammer.com that harassed and cyber-bullied critic eBayisaJoke.

That site always had domain privacy protection. But one year it’s privacy lapsed revealing Joe DeMarco as the domains registered owner. The cat was out of the bag!

We know without a doubt who is behind this attack on outspoken former eBay sellers. Hubcap Joe is alleged to be behind it all. He claims he hired a private investigator to follow us. PI’s are expensive. I sincerely doubt he would pay a PI out of his pocket. Is this clandestine black ops operation funded by that alleged eBay INC Black Budget?

Joseph DeMarco AKA eBay Hubcap Joe is directly responsible for blogger eBayisaJoke being smeared by an investigative reporter from WJBK Fox 2 News Detroit. In this video he thanked his team members that were involved in getting the story aired.

hubcapjoes ebay top rated seller
Top rated plus seller HubcapJoes is allegedly assisting eBay Inc attacking critics and naysayers through social media manipulation.

Meanwhile it’s been going on nearly three years and YouTube is still being used to cyberbully critics. Personally it’s my opinion that eBay Inc is behind it all. Meanwhile attacks on Religion are being used to smear critics with outright lies.

Several of my photos and audio files have been stolen and mangled in this video by youtuber rinoplasty man. One of thousands of YouTube accounts created for the sole purpose of attacking former eBay sellers.

These images are hosted on DeMarco’s offshore website in Moscow RU.

Attacks On Critics Exposing eBay Corporate Wrongdoings

Attacks On Critics Exposing eBay Corporate Wrongdoings

Since i refuse to be bullied and have no plans on taking this website down. Team eBay is CyberStalking me through my church. That’s really sick. 🙄

beastofburden youtube comment threats against religion
YouTuber beastofburdon (jason decanio) threatening to contact eBay critics church and pastor

These thugs will not stop until someone is dead. Critic eBayisaJoke said that John Donahoe will have to come take him out to shut him up.

Team eBay cyber-stalker Jason Decanio threatening to stalk Doc through his church.


team ebay bullying critics church pastor

Screen captured image of a Team eBay Cyber Stalking post about Doc on Joe DeMarco’s chuckfitchscammer.com offshore website. 😡

Joseph DeMarco's chuckfitchscammer.com offshore cyberstalking website in Moscow RU
A page dedicated to stalking and bullying Doc on Joseph DeMarco’s chuckfitchscammer.com offshore cyberstalking website.

Here we have racketeering and mafia style terrorism going on behind the scenes. As eBay Inc is promoting Hubcap Joe by reproducing this CBS News story titled Hubcap Joe treasures dips in the road. That spotlights American small business success.

So on the outside unknown to anyone other than Doc and Chuck Fitch, Hubcap Joe is a saint. But it’s what he is doing behind the scenes that raises serious questions about eBay Inc corporate governance.

Registry Domain ID: 1780814589_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.enom.com
Registrar URL: http://www.enom.com
Updated Date: 2013-04-23T16:40:46.00Z
Creation Date: 2013-02-16T23:20:00.00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2020-02-16T23:20:00.00Z
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Registrar IANA ID: 48
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: abuse@enom.com
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4252982646
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID:
Registrant Name: JOE DEMARCO
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 90 KINDERKAMACK RD
Registrant City: ORADELL
Registrant State/Province: NEW JERSEY
Registrant Postal Code: NJ 07649
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.2012620702
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +1.2012620702
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: jailbirdfitch@gmail.com

cyberstalker hubcapjoes store oradell nj

Where is the FBI and the SEC? At the very least it is against SEC Regulations to manipulate a securities value by using a social media smear campaign. At the worst it is the most abusive case of corporate racketeering and operating an illegal smear campaign aimed at silencing critics i have ever seen.

Why is this insider allowed to listen in on eBay corporate conference calls?

It is obvious that some form of securities manipulation, or other illegal RICO activity is going on here. If you know any of the individuals involved in this smear campaign just anonymously drop a dime Here and Here.

As usual.. Just my two cents worth on this subject 😉

13 Thoughts to “eBay Hubcap Joe Smear Campaign On Outspoken Critics”

  1. Fogerty

    Looks like Hubcapjoes of eBay has been complaining a lot about returns and printing labels for buyers that wish to return his junk items. People should google this article about Hubcapjoes stealing hubcaps for selling them on eBay “Video Surveillance of Hubcapjoe Stealing Hubcaps in New York eBay Seller was Arrested in 2013 and Convicted for Theft!”

  2. Doc

    Looks like there is an invest ongoing. This IP traces back to US department of state office of the president. They were looking at ebms eBay buyer fraud articles.

    1. Philip Cohen

      Wouldn’t it be nice to see eBay Inc. and its bunch of Keystone Kops before the court for fraud on buyers; there certainly is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that they knowingly and calculatingly facilitate wire fraud on their buyers …

      The ugly reality of eBay’s demonstrable, calculated, facilitation of endemic shill bidding wire fraud on consumers on its auctions marketplace

      The eBay executive suite—where the incompetent mingle with the disingenuous, the malevolent and the outright criminal, and the just plain stupid …

  3. Doc

    Here is 11+ years of EBAY Inc #fraud #scams and other dirty laundry in our archives.

    Since Joe and his goon squad keeps bullying me, i will spread this website’s four huge sitemap links on every financial blog and anywhere else eBay stock trading is discussed.

  4. Scott

    Direct quote from Joe Demarco of hubcapjoes aka Jailbird Fitch on the
    “clearwater florida man attacks calvary chapel and its leadership” harrassment video that Jason posted under rhinoplasty man id. Rhinoplasty man is Jason DeCanio, and Jailbird Fitch is Joe DeMarco of hubcapjoes on eBay:

    “LMAO – so Koon thinks he’s the authority on gods wishes
    and Christian beliefs more than his “ex” pastor and church elders. And
    also he sincerely believes that he’s doing “gods work” by harassing and
    bullying individuals and their businesses and attacks them when they’re
    relatives are close to death – YEAH – that’s really what god wants WTOT !

    as usual like eBay and PayPal the old conspiracy theories flow, Koon’s
    ex-church is only around for money – heck, I’m surprised he’s not said
    that the church staff work for eBay.

    It’s perfectly simple WTOT
    if you left people alone to run their lives, regardless if it’s selling
    on eBay, making their own radio shows – whatever, then people would
    leave you alone. The problem is you (WTOT) do not think you’re doing
    anything wrong and people should put up with “your” harassment – WRONG

    OMFG – Now we know Koon is truly deluded and diseased in the mind like his FB buddy – WTOT !!”

    1. Doc

      Just another example of how bad eBay #corporategoverance really is. If upper management was paying attention, or cared about the company’s reputation, this situation would have ended a long time ago. But with certain eBay employees hanging out in Facebook groups cheering this stalking group on, are only adding more fuel to the fire.

      Meanwhile this reputation management, smear campaign, boulder keeps rolling downhill getting bigger as it takes on speed. When it smashes into the eBay corporate office in San Jose, and major news media runs with it, who will wind up visiting the unemployment office?

  5. Scott

    I also strongly believe now that is Jason that is behind this I WANT TO
    SEE THE OBITUARY video and not Scott Henshaw. I believe it is Jason
    because he did a similar sound effect to one of EBIAJ’s video where he
    sang Closing Time. It is Jason that is behind the I want to see the
    obituary and it is Jason that is behind the video and calls to Ed’s
    Church I also believe Joe is behind the calls to Ed’s Church because one
    of Joe’s youtube IDs, jailbirdfitch, has added the Ed’s Church harrasment video to his “liked” video list and is one of the first to comment on it.

    See Joe DeMarco aka hubcapjoes aka jailbirdtich liked videos here:

    You can see here that that Joe likes all of the videos on Ed’s church and comments on all of them. I believe Jason is creating the videos under Joe’s instructions and Joe is making the comments.

  6. Scott

    I know where Joe DeMarco and Jason DeCanio stole the images of Doc from. They are not stolen from your server but they are screen captures. Just off the top of head I have seen all of these images before so they are stolen but not from your server.

    First image is a profile pic online, the second one in the shower was a screen cap from video Doc did before he went on vacation in Asia or somewhere, pic with glasses is from a video of Doc selling his RV trailer listing service, green shirt at the beach is where Doc took us on a tour around FL after he got back from his vacation in Asia or whatever, the side view pic of Doc at the desk – that is the only one I don’t know where that is from but Joe and Jason appear to have a lot of time on their hands to find this stuff.

    1. Doc

      One thing for sure, Joe and team eBay are drawing a lot of attention to $EBAY corporate governance.

  7. Lizabeth

    Looks like Ebay rewarded hubcapjoes with a vegas trip for going after doc through his church. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78xpSxgmQvA

    1. Doc

      What we have here is Racketeering and securities violations through social media manipulation. Hopefully the feds are investigating.

      As far as eBay goes, they will point the finger at their partner HubcapJoes aka crazeenydriver on youtube. Joe DeMarco will bear the brunt of the blame in the biggest reputation management scandal ever.

      Then watch how fast he gets booted from those pro-ebay Facebook groups where his insider friends are cheering him on.


  8. Lizabeth

    Ebay top rated seller hubcapjoes is a perfect example of what John Donahoe has done to disrupt Ebay. High up management is thrilled with him beating up on their critics. They are cheering him on in a number of Facebook groups too. No wonder the marketplace reputation stinks so bad.

    1. Doc

      That i believe! To eBay HubcapJoes is a saint. Meanwhile another eBay eFence was busted in a $400,000 Vitamix blender scam. eBay profits from fraud and retailers losses. Guess that’s why eBay don’t want to verify sellers and question where their merchandise comes from.

      “The Secret Service says Kevin Wain used fraudulent credit cards to
      buy hundreds of the blenders, as well as Roomba vacuums, which he sold
      on eBay at a discount.

      Wain, 40, was arrested by the Secret Service and charged with
      access device fraud, accused of using stolen credit information to
      purchase more than $400,000 in merchandise from Williams-Sonoma and Bed,
      Bath & Beyond.

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