Hubcap Joe Taunts Outspoken Former Sellers In His eBay Promo Videos

What is it about ole Hubcap Joe that nearly every week he taunts outspoken former eBay sellers in his eBay talk videos? Who in this fortune 500 corporation is ordering him to cyberstalk critics? Or is he using his insider position at eBay to taunt his enemies while producing eBay talk help videos on YouTube?

No doubt he will block embeds in this video so click here to watch. Also note he was dumped his idol Rob Worchek and that Fox News cup-o-life is gone in this video cover.

We need to know who is controlling Hubcap Joe at eBay corporate. When producing seller specific help videos why is he adding criticism aimed at “Fitchie” aka eBayisaJoke blogger and vlogger Charles Fitch? This wreaks of corruption and collusion of other insiders who are pulling his strings. One word comes to mind RACKETEERING!

That’s some public relations guy y’all got here. An example of the worst eBay Corporate Governance ever. Love how ole Hubcap Joe bashes his employer in this video example and gets away with it. It’s said he has corporate by the short-hairs! 🙄