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Doc is an early eBay motors licensed used car dealer, now disabled / retired, whose reputation was smeared by corporate trolls. I’ve been accused of selling stolen cars and rolling back odometers on cars sold on the motors venue. This is the story of how corruption lies and greed rules corporate America today. Targeted cyberstalking / cyberbulying is one method used by eBay Inc getting even with anyone who talks negative about their brand name! 😥

Here we have Troll #2 Jason DeCanio showing his immaturity. Jason is upset that I set up a new Facebook page for another blog and video site I’m building. He is easily manipulated by Hubcap Joe and loves yelling insults, getting owned every-time he opens his mouth. Got soap? 🙄

Speaking of Jason DeCanio, Back in 2015 he produced this video making threats over a set of unpaid hubcaps from the eBay guy’s store. At around 10:48 he threatens to put a bullet in blogger ebayisajoke and my head. Police report filed.


Doc’s eBay internet adventures began back in 2004 when scammers were listing non-existent automobiles on newly launched eBay Motors. Trusting community member who trusted their trading partners had their pockets picked clean. The site claimed what fraud it has was minuscule. Members were groomed to be honest and trust their trading partners. Those community values and trust were what made eBay work so well, especially selling used cars motorcycles boats etc.

I (doc) decided to register the domain ebaymotorssucks.com (ebms) in March 2004. The site was an instant hit with valuable information on how to verify if a used car deal was legitimate. The only motor vehicle specific fraud awareness website saved countless eBay and other internet used car buyers from losing their money to scams and dishonest sellers. I’m proud to provide this service!

Soon afterward ebms was attacked and knocked offline with a devastating distributed denial of service (ddos) attack. Unbeknown to doc at that time the FBI was investigating vehicle fraud on eBay motors. I’m suspecting eBay was behind the attack. EBMS had been documenting vehicle purchase protection fraud a full 2 years before the FBI began it’s investigation. EBMS was aggressively attacked and knocked offline many times. Doc soon learned the hard way about how valuable site backups were. Once a good portion of my site pages were hacked and altered. Mysteriously many of my full page screenshots just vanished, thank god for backup archives.

In 2007 I switched to the WordPress CMS and kept warning consumers to be aware of fraud. Especially used collector cars listed as in mint condition, advertised at unrealistically low prices. Verify a deals legitimacy before sending payment. WordPress was getting attacked and i realized how vulnerable it was to hackers. A favorite of hackers was MySQL injection to cover up certain keywords and key-phrases making them invisible to search engines. Backups saved my butt more times than i can remember. Hacked cracked and DDOSed for helping consumers!

Years went by and my webmaster skills improved. Learning how to protect WordPress I migrated to CloudFlare for their security / speed enhancement, and was finally fending off the attacks.

When they could no longer hack my site, a smear campaign was launched to trash my stellar eBay feedback. Trolls spread rumor on social media I sold stolen cars, and rolled back odometers. The greatest majority of the hate is published on YouTube videos utilizing phantom troll channels. Trolls targeted my eBay sellers ID (docsqualitycars) key-wording my name and other aliases in search.

I’ve been trying to get YouTube to remove the hatred toward me but they will not. I have flagged hate videos repeatedly for several years but Google will not remove this hatred that violates multiple policies. It’s been going on since 2013 and mostly because of ebaymotorssucks.com that i refuse to take down. The faces on the sidebar are the alleged key players involved. No i never sold stolen cars or rolled back odometers. I’m 67 and have never been arrested or defrauded anyone! This is an example of eBay corporate governance at it’s worst, just like Carl Icahn said.

I’m determined to clear my good name and business reputation. I’m also a disabled American who can not afford an attorney to get the trash taken down. I cherry picked only the finest automobiles to sell on eBay. It’s not my fault greedy executives screwed the founders community values and TRUST into the ground. It’s really sad what eBay Inc has became. Motors would by-now be the ONLY worldwide trusted venue to trade used cars on, had execs maintained the crucial trust factor! 😥

The examples in this blog are alleged racketeering by the eBay guy and his friends and team members. Hopefully the feds will investigate. Their suspected of securities manipulation by using social media spinning on YouTube. At the very least, with all of this malarkey going on, it’s not boding well for eBay Inc who already has a horrible worldwide reputation! 😡

Targeted CyberStalking IS eBay Inc